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        Harmonic Analysis

        Harmonic Analysis

        Get to the root of power quality issues.

        Harmonics in electrical currents are an important indicator of poor power quality. They cause overheating in electrical components and can damage sensitive equipment, which affects your manufacturing process and assets.

        If you're experiencing problems with power quality, Fleming Controls and Power Specialties have trained technicians available to help. Our experts can monitor your system for harmonics, voltage dips and other disturbances. We'll help you identify your power quality problems, reduce nuisance trips, extend equipment life and improve the overall reliability of your system.

        Intermittent power quality disruptions can originate from inside your facility or from the electric utility system. Our professional technicians will recommend the most cost effective measures to reduce the number and severity of these disturbances. Poor power quality can impact manufacturing processes and system components, especially sensitive electronic equipment.


        • Solves process disruptions due to power disturbances
        • Reduces economic effects of poor power quality
        • Decreases maintenance costs
        • Identifies disturbances originating with the electric utility
        • Identifies wiring and grounding improvements

        List of Harmonic Analysis and Power Quality Analysis Services

        • Transient stability examination (rotor angle stability, fault ride-through, critical clearing times)
        • Small-signal stability examination (eigenvalues, mode shapes, participation factors)
        • Network planning and reinforcement studies
        • Generator and load impact connection studies (including load flow analysis)
        • AVR and governor (GOV) tuning
        • Power system stabilizer (PSS) tuning (type selection, parameter setting, frequency response, damping coefficients, root locus plots, torsional interaction, step response, fault response)
        • Motor starting analysis
        • Transformer energy studies
        • Capacitor bank switching studies

        For additional information about Harmonic Analysis and how Fleming Controls and Specialties can help you, call 501-847-3090 or request a quote and a professional technician with promptly get back with you.


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